REDGREEN and franchising

We are convinced that a strong concept combined with independent partners who have great commitment, a flair for business and the will to want more is the optimum starting point for running a REDGREEN store with success.

We see our franchisees as strategic partners and are desirous of long-term relationships for the benefit of both parties. Therefore we are offering you the opportunity to get off to a flying start. We have set up our concept in such a way that franchise partners will have a positive cash flow from day one. We also provide support and act as a sounding board on everything from purchasing and finances to layout and marketing, in addition to which we train shop staff on an ongoing basis.

As the franchisor, we are responsible for the chainís strategy and overall development. We are constantly trying to develop essential aspects of the concept, including product range, design, quality, logistics, marketing, etc. All for your benefit and ours.

Your profile
You are an ambitious, dynamic person who wants to be independent. You love selling and want to give your customers an enjoyable experience every time. With your positive attitude you lead the way and are good at inspiring and motivating the people around you. You really want to be part of our brand and are looking to develop your business on the basis of our concept and involve yourself in the local community. We have no specific requirements regarding your qualifications, but experience of the retail trade and, if at all possible, management would be an advantage.

If you would like to find out more about our franchise concept, please contact Lars Lunau, by phone on +45 8793 6020 or e-mail at lal@redgreen.dk