Get her ready for summer!


When spring comes and you're ready to take your boat out for the first launch of the season, remember to go through the steps of preparing it properly. When you sit around for a long time, you get lazy, and your boat is much the same. It has to be checked out, just as you going to a doctor for your annual checkup.

If you have a marina in charge of your boat, they should prepare it for your summer use, but even then, you should ask exactly what they have done to get it ready.

If you do most of your own boat maintenance, prepare yourself a checklist of items you should do every spring before you start trips: one for things to do before each trip during the season, and another for winterizing your boat.

1. Changing the Oil
One of the first things to be concerned with in at the start of the season is lubrication. Oil that has been sitting stationary for a while will congeal and become very thick. You might get a couple of seasons out of one oil change, but it's better to change it each year and not worry about the condition of the old oil.

With an inboard motor, changing the oil can be a bit tricky, and it requires a special pan to catch the old oil. It's not a good idea to let it puddle under the motor and bilge pump it out, or let it leak out the drain hole to pollute the waters.

If you don't know how to drain the oil, ask a mechanic before you attempt to perform this task. There are specific environmental considerations regarding the disposal of used motor oil.

2. Gasoline in the Tank
Prior to a long storage, you should remove the gasoline from the tank because moisture will build up in it while sitting. When you replace the gas in the spring, you might want to add a gas treatment along with the first new tank fill-up.

3. Plugs & Battery
If plugs were taken out to drain water from the block for winterization, make sure they are put back in before cranking the engine.

Check out the battery energy level and charge it with a battery charger if it has lost charge during the off-season.

4. Out of Water Maintenance
Motor boats have water-cooled engines like your car, but they don't have a radiator. This design allows for the water that the boat sits in to cool the engine. For this reason, any time the boat motor is cranked, it has to have water circulation or the block will get too hot and can rupture, which would be very bad news.

If you plan to do any tune up work with the motor running while your boat is out of the water, you need to have a water supply to keep the motor cool. On most inboard motors, there is a vented area just above the propeller where you can clamp earmuffs and hook a water hose to them. This pulls water through to keep the motor from overheating.

5. Air Filter Maintenance
Depending on the kind of boat you have, there may be an air filter to clean or replace at the carburetor. Depending on the amount of use your boat undergoes during a season, it may not be necessary to do this every spring.

6. General Clean Up
If your boat is stored inside a building over the winter, you may not be bothered with pests, but if it stays under a tarp exposed to the elements, there is a good possibility you may have ants, wasps, birds, spiders, and many other kinds of uninvited guests when you take the tarp off. Be prepared to face some "tenants" who must be removed prior to going afloat.

A thorough cleaning and inspection of the boat and trailer is a necessary part of getting ready to go on the water. Wasps and other biting insects will build in the trailer frame and other areas that are open and not protected. It is better to find and remove them when you are still on dry land.
7. Trailer Check Up
Don't forget the trailer when you are checking out the seaworthiness of your boat. The hubs of the trailer axles need to be packed with grease when they become dry, and the frequency depends on how much time the trailer spends in the water when putting the boat in, and taking the boat out.

Trailer tire pressure should be checked every time the boat is pulled. Check the trailer lights to be sure they are operative and the reflectors aren't broken.

8. Taking Her Out
After you have checked everything out completely, you might want to wax your boat to make it really shine when it goes out the first time. Check out your safety equipment and get ready for a fun summer on the water. Take proper care of your boat, and she'll provide you with prolonged and dedicated service in return.

A well cared for boat is a happy boat, and so are its passengers. Ahoy, mate!


Seven is the magic number these days - especially in de negen straatjes (the nine streets).

If all this sounds like a mathematical equation, don't worry - it isn't. But is is a formula for a great new retail concept brought to life in an artistic quarter of Amsterdam.

My7Ways is a new gift shop of which the founder, Astrid Beerkens, describes the philosophy:
"The foundation of My7Ways rests in the magical number seven. 'Seven' speaks to people's subconsciousness; the world over, it pops up again and again as an emblem of happiness, love and perfection. The seven themes of the shop were developed with this mind.
They are: Inspiration, Sérénité, Innocence, Sauvage, Èquilibre, Harmonie (photo) and Amour. With these seven themes, you can express a personal feeling in your unique, individual manner. For giving a gift s giving happiness.

So, the new sellling point in retail, is personalisation and customizing of the the gift you give.

Amsterdam, here we come...

Beauties of the Sea.

Urban mermaid: style from the sea.
Walt Disney’s fairytales made mermaids, oysters, pearls and glitter seem whimsical; but the fashion crowd have claimed the look and given it an urban edge in 2012. From Chanel's pearl-encrusted looks to Givenchy's urban sirens, the mermaid as fashion icon gets fresher, cleaner, and a little sexier for spring.
See more beauties of the sea here!

Tres chic, Brigitte...

We are absolutely in love with STRIPES - so timeless, so chic!
Coco Chanel is reportedly the first designer to introduce the Breton shirt to the masses, borrowing inspiration again from the working-classes- in this case, French sailors while she vacationed in Deauville. We drew inspiration from vintage photographs of fashion icon Brigitte - wearing nautical stripes, sunning herself on sailboats and yachts. One can look so effortlessly chic in nautical-inspired fashion- complete with wind-swept hair and sun-kissed skin!

Set your compass for New York


We have a personal affection for the Maritime Hotel, since we love all things nautical and all things navy blue, not to mention our penchant for fabulous fabrics and textures.
The Maritime is located in Chelsea, just two blocks north of the Meatpacking District at 16th Street and 9th Avenue. It was originally built in 1966 as the headquarters for the Maritime Union and was fully renovated in 2003.
As you can see right here, the distinguishing feature of the Maritime's monolithic structure is its 5-foot porthole windows. This was the first luxury hotel to be built in this area of the City and has twelve floors with 120 guest rooms and four suites.

Now, just book your stay in NY, if you share our passion? :o)




Fresh, pretty colours and prints, shimmering metallic mermaids, optimistic Olympics fever, and the hot new skirt shape: get a bit of your S/S’12 trend fix right here with us!

What we love the most, is the blue n' white tendency in the 'pyjamas party' trend! Go on, and slip into something more comfortable and join the party!

Silky ensambles stepped out of the boudoir and onto the runway with monogrammed sets as J.W. Anderson, gentleman scarf print trousers at Paul Smith and slouchy numbers at Lanvin and Stella McCartney.

It's all about a laid back attitude and a take on evening that is more house party than bedroom.


Have you noticed, the leather jacket has gotten sexier and more versatile? A good leather jacket should be able to be worn with anything from a grungy pair of jeans to a cocktail dress.

Hooded leather jackets are one particular style that’s taken off. Cropped cuts are also great for right now, as are vintage styles and anything that can be worn open in that nonchalant, effortlessly sexy way.

Chose your edition in brown or black - both classics for life!

Cosy December wear


Welcome to the most beautiful time of the year - December is upon us!

All over magazines and fancy christmas shopping places, we find the inevitable knit - both for him and her! Cables, patterns, colorblocking and much more are making the cosy knit a musthave item this winter.

We give you our suggestion to the warmest and most stylish ones right here...


When you think of a color, red is often what springs to mind. Red can represent power and love, but it can also mean forbidden and blood. Red can attract or repel or elevate or enrage.

Red is one of the oldest color names, it is the first to be seen in a rainbow and has the greatest emotional impact of all.
But red is also the color which, together with the blue and white, gives one the final touch to the maritime look.
AND red is also one of this seasons powerful colors - so go and get some red!

Have a wonderful weekend out there...:)



This week's inspirational post is dedicated to the stripes galore. Hope you'll like these pictures and, what's more, they help you to get some inspiration for the maritime autumn look!


It's really true: The uniform of polo shirts and pleated skirts can seem ubiquitous these days. So how do you pull off preppy chic without looking like you've just stepped out of a country club?

We love the mad mix of basic solids, plaids, leather gold and stripes, which will easily leave your look ready for the Autumn with a cool preppy attitude and the right image.

Expansion of the National Maritime Museum

Danish architectural firm, C.F. Møller has designed the expansion of the National Maritime Museum in London. It is Britain's seventh greatest attraction and part of the protected Greenwich Park which is on UNESCO's World Heritage. The new building, called 'The Sammy Ofer Building' - after the guy, who has financed main part of the building for approx. 40 million euros - has just been inaugurated by British Prince Philip, and now opens to the public.

Now you know what to visit, if you go to London...


Uhm, lovely inspiration from worlwide designers who made a beautiful range of stripes and colors this summer.

1) Vivienne Westwood, 2) Stradivarius, 3) Zara, 4) Topshop, 5) Jason Wu, 6) Asos, 7) Missoni, 8) Topshop, 9) Zara, 10) Miss Selfridge, 11) Topshop, 12) Miu Miu, 13) Asos, 14) Jason Wu, 15) Zara, 16) Carven, 17) Marc by Marc Jacobs, 18) Alice + Olivia, 19) Diane von Furstenberg, 20) A. L. C., 21) Tory Burch


It is not hard to spot the beauty of this new Riva, right? 27 foot - that is just about 9 meters - delicate beauty hits the world market this summer. Wauw....
Besides an attractive design, is used mahogany, which is treated not less than twenty times - ten times with brush and ten times with spray. Riva represents old, fine craftsmanship, which is combined with modern technology - the Iseo has developed its own Ipad application with owner's manual. The Riva Iseo has its own custom-made car-trailer, allowing easy transportation of the yacht, wherever the owner wishes to go.
Did we mention that it's also available with environmentally friendly engine?
Well, dreaming is allowed and part of life! Read more about the Italian beauty here...

The style conscious


Is fashion going through a transformation?

More environmentally conscious clothing has already been a natural thing in many fashionista's
wardrobe. But now trendsetters go one step further, and let sustainability, generosity and long-term thinking affect all aspects of their lifestyle.
Henry Mason reasearch- and analysis manager at says:
"Social status is no longer the biggest, the best and most expensive - it's also very much about consciousness and generosity. It has become trendy to make a difference. Therefore, it is not strange that we see an increase in the numbers of young people involved in voluntary work. Or that one of Facebook's founders, Chris Hughes, launched JUMO which connects people and charities."
We are inspired to make a difference....:-)


Jean Paul Gaultier, who is most famous for his outlandish fashion designs, has joined forces with French furniture company 'Roche Bobois'. They just presented his brand new - and quite maritime - home collection, which is now sold in selected department stores in Paris.
We'll book our tickets right away to get our hands on some of these items or well......., maybe just enjoy the inspiration from in here....! :-)


Inspiration is what we all collect everyday - from books, magazines, newspapers, blogs, television, colleagues, friends and family. It's what makes the future.
Right now, we applause designers like Betsey Johnson and Christian Dior.
Guess why......;-)?!


Somebody keeps telling us, that white is the new black. Following the designers choices, we call the blue AND white the new black. Never before have that many maritime accessories been intruding us through websites, magazines and blogs. Here are just a few of the items, cool styling with your maritime outfit.


Your absolute musthave this spring - our light blue denim shirt combined with high waisted 70's pants or with khaki colours is how you style it. Shown in Danish 'Alt for damerne' week # 8.

The Valetine story

Every year February 14, is celebrated as Saint Valentines Day all across the world. Valentine’s Day is the most awaited day of the year for all youngsters . There is a holiday on this day so that all lovers can enjoy and express there feelings to one whom they love. Even though the history of St. Valentine’s Day and the patron Saint behind it is shrouded in mystery but we treat month of February as the Month of Romance. This day involves mutual exchange of Valentines. Loved ones celebrate by presenting flowers, gifts , offering candies ,sending e cards, sending love messages and much more all in the name of St. Valentine, the patron saint of lovers.


Denim is back on the catwalk. Dresses, jeans and shirts. Let denim dominate your outfit, and combine it with your own styling for a personal look. Take a peep in our lookbook for inspiration.


It might not pass the dress code at your local yacht club, but this anchor-print sweat seen on the streets will make you captain for the day. Style it with our cool Freeman chinos and sailor shoes.


In case you are a fan of the 70s fashion, you need to take a look at the latest spring/summer 2011 fashion trend that is inspired from the 70s. It is amazing as it includes flowing maxi dresses, high-waist flare pants, as well as minis, chunky platform shoes besides and sexy hot pants that will dominate the spring summer 2011 fashion trends!
At REDGREEN we follow the trend in which we include the maritime references for a casual seaside look. Just look at wonderful iconic Farrah Fawcett.

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