Terms and Conditions

1. Order confirmation

Once you have completed your order, you will automatically receive an order confirmation in your e-mail. This confirmation is a valid invoice of your purchase, in the event of exchange or complaint. REDGREEN A/S therefore recommends that you print out or save this e-mail.

2. Personal data policy

REDGREEN A/S records your name, address and invoice in its customer files in connection with the purchase. REDGREEN A/S uses this information to provide the best possible customer service and in connection with our purchase obligations.

When a purchase is made, REDGREEN A/S sets up a customer login as regards the applicable rules and personal data policy. You can actively choose not to use the customer login when checking out at REDGREEN's web shop.

REDGREEN A/S records e-mails for use for identification and customer service reasons with respect to queries regarding the order, freight, incorrect information etc. You do not automatically subscribe to our newsletter when providing your e-mail, the owner of the e-mail has to make an active decision to do this. You can always unsubscribe from the newsletter.

Personal information is not passed on and is deleted from the database if you have not made a purchase from the shop for a period of five years. Personal information is stored and transmitted securely, in encrypted form and is not passed on to third parties.

As a registered person, you always have the option of inspecting the information and you can object to information registered in accordance with the regulations in the Danish Processing of Personal Data Act.

The data manager for REDGREEN's web shop is:

Storskovvej 8
8721 Daugaard
Tel.: (+45) 87 93 61 00
E-mail: info@redgreen.dk

3. Delivery and right of complaint

Products are regarded as having been delivered from REDGREEN A/S when the consumer has received the products.

Risk for the products:

The risk for products purchased from REDGREEN A/S transfers to you as the consumer at the point of delivery. If, contrary to expectations, a product is lost while being handled by a third party, REDGREEN A/S will send a new delivery, and if this is not possible, will refund the applicable amount to the customer's credit card or bank account.

Right to complain:

In accordance with the Danish Sale of Goods Act, you have a right to complain in the 24-month period following the purchase of all products. If you lodge a complaint within 24 months, the complaint is regarded as having been made in time, which means that you can either have the product repaired, replaced or you can have your money refunded, depending on the specific situation. Of course, the complaint must be justified. If you wish to complain about a product, you must contact REDGREEN's Customer Service Department by sending an e-mail to webshop@redgreen.dk.

4. Right of exchange and right of cancellation

You have a total of 30 days right of exchange or cancellation when you are using REDGREENís webshop.

According to current legislation, the Customer has 14 days to cancel the purchase and a further 14 days to return the product. REDGREEN offers an extra service, and therefore provides the Customer with a total 30 days cancellation or exchange period, which is valid from the date of receipt.

However, the right of exchange can be extended for campaigns and special periods - this will always be indicated on REDGREEN's web shop.


When exchanging goods, the goods should be sent to REDGREEN within 30 days. Package the goods correctly and return the delivery to REDGREEN. The goods must not have been used and should be returned in the original packaging if you wish the full amount to be refunded.

According to current rules on right of returns, used goods can be returned to the company, but the company can demand compensation for the goods' loss in value. The loss in value will in most cases constitute the largest share, if not the total value of the product's original purchase price. REDGREEN is solely responsible for assessing the product's depreciation in value.

For the quickest possible service when exchanging goods, we ask that you place a new order via our webshop before sending us the received goods. You will be refunded the money for the returned goods.

Returns slip:

REDGREEN encloses a returns slip with all orders; the slip explains the returns process. If, contrary to expectations, you have not received a returns slip, the products can be returned to the following address:

Niels Bohrs Vej 17C
8660 Skanderborg, Denmark

Please enclose a description, which is to contain your name, address, contact details and web order number. Our staff can usually find your information by using your name or web order number.

Right of cancellation:

Your right of cancellation can be utilised if the product is returned in essentially the same condition and quantity. If you cancel your purchase, you can either refuse receipt of the package or return the package to REDGREEN A/S at the address above. You cannot return the product to REDGREEN cash on delivery.


You always have the option of having your money refunded when you return a product in accordance with the applicable conditions. We will refund the outstanding amount to your credit card when we have received the package and dealt with it. You will then receive a confirmation e-mail when the amount is ready for transfer We endeavour to process returned packaged as quickly as possible; however, you can expect a processing period of 1-2 weeks.

While we work hard to ensure that return packages are handled as quickly as possible, there is an expected processing period of 1-2 weeks. The amount will be set aside for refunding within the processing period.

5. Price and payment

Secure payment with DIBS:

REDREEN uses DIBSís payment solution and all transactions are handled through the secure DIBS payment window. DIBS Payment is PCI certified by VISA/ MasterCard. All transactions are automatically accepted via DIBS secure servers. All information and data is encrypted using SSL technology (Secure Socket Layer). The high standards and level of safety ensures that third parties cannot gain access.

Completion of transactions:

In accordance with the applicable legislation, the amount of your order is not debited to your credit card until the package and your products have left REDGREENís warehouse. If you return a product, the amount is refunded to your credit card.

6. Log statistics

REDGREEN A/S uses log statistics. This means that a statistics system collects information which can provide a statistical picture of how many visitors a website has, where they come from, which part of the website they visit etc.
REDGREEN A/S uses log statistics with the objective of optimising the website, its functions and user friendliness as regards being able to provide an optimum experience and customer service.

7. Cookies

REDGREEN A/S and associated websites use cookies to be able to provide an optimal service to our customers and visitors. A cookie is data which your browser saves and can use in the future. Amongst other things, cookies can be used to see which pages and products a visitor might be interested in. In addition, cookies are used to call up homepages quicker and save the visitors' choices, for instance when products are added to the shopping cart.

You can use REDGREEN's website without accepting cookies, but we recommend you accept cookies to obtain the full functionality of the website. Functions and relevant data can be lost if you choose not to use cookies via your browser. Cookies do not contain personal information which can be misused by third parties.

8. Miscellaneous

By making a purchase, you are accepting that the terms and conditions have been read in the selected language.

We accept no liability for errors, price changes or products sold out with any orders. We endeavour to keep our stock status updated at all times but we cannot always guarantee this. If a product, contrary to expectations, is not available, we will endeavour to contact the customer as quickly as possible.

Customer service:

Our Customer Service Department is open every day between 08:30 and 16:00
E-mail: info@redgreen.dk
Tel.: (+45) 87936100