REDGREEN was established in 1983. Ever since, we have kept close to the sea, letting our icon navigate us through the decades of changing trends and tendencies.

No matter where fashion has taken the world, our inner compass has made sure we kept close to our authentic maritime ancestry.

We take pride in keeping our brand authentic; never being something we are not. REDGREEN is woven from the maritime lifestyle, the nautical connotations that signifies the ideal balance between an urban, active life and the knowledge of where to find the peace one needs in order to live an ambitious, quality driven life.

Authenticity is a priority to us, to be true to who we are, and where we come from, and the backbone of every REDGREEN collection is therefore a take on the classic navy pea coat. We look towards the authentic and traditional pieces and twist them slightly to match collections, seasons and the man and the woman of today.

Another compass piece, showing the direction of the collection and the brand, will be the luxurious and authentic cable knit. A traditional craft, whose intricate patterns can be traced to the region a sailor came from, these pieces will guide us into further perfecting the menswear and womenswear collections from REDGREEN.

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